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Tinnitus Treatment

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Vestibular disorder with Tinnitus

Even though tinnitus with vestibular disorder sounds difficult for most people, but in reality these are simple clinical terms – tinnitus standing for various strange and bizarre sounds heard by people who are affected with it, while vestibular disorder relates to balancing problems resulting in vertigo, dizziness, etc. And surprisingly enough both originate from the same source – the inner ear. As a matter of fact, the human ear is provided with an acoustic or hearing nerve and a vestibular or balancing nerve to maintain equilibrium and when something goes wrong with one, the other gets affected too. Generally speaking, the following course of events takes place in both the cases.

v When the acoustic or the hearing nerve is injured, hearing problems arise. These may include loss of hearing and tinnitus.

v When the vestibular or balancing nerve is affected, it creates balancing problems, vertigo, giddiness, etc.

In trying to analyze the underlying causes relating to tinnitus that creates the phantom sounds in the ear and vestibular disorder that gives rise to vertigo, dizziness and loss of balance – we must take into account the body’s inherent immune system as well as its inflammatory response structure, both of which play their respective parts in dealing with both the issues. The immune system, under normal conditions, keeps the body healthy and fit, free of infection and disease and in general, looks after the wellbeing of all bodily organs. But when its beneficial effects are somehow weakened, it tells upon the organs too. In the case of the ear, especially the middle ear which is the most important part, it becomes exposed to infection and decay. This, as you may appreciate, affects the nerves that are associated with the acoustics as well as the vestibular or balancing devices, causing them to flounder or play havoc. Tinnitus treatment.This is one of the most critical causes behind vestibular disorder with tinnitus or tinnitus and vestibular disorder as both are crucially co-related.

Coming down to the body’s own inflammatory response system, we are faced with a totally different picture. In the case of vestibular disorder with tinnitus, it makes a blatant mistake which instead of preventing the issue, causes it to develop and grow. Under normal circumstances, if anyone accidentally injures an ankle while roller skating or biking, the inflammatory response system immediately pumps extra fluid to counteract the damage caused to the ankle which gets swollen up. It also happens when an eye is fortuitously exposed to dust or any irritating agent – some amount of extra fluid is secreted to wash the irritant out. However, in the case of inner ear problem, it works as a boomerang. To know how and why it happens, please read on.

Vestibular disorder with tinnitus – how it happens

The inner ear, other than having sundry hearing device comprising fine bones, cartilages, nerve endings, etc also have a small space that is normally kept healthy and pliant with a limited quota of fluid in it.Tinnitus treatment. However, when it suffers injury or becomes infected, the inflammatory response system tries to flood it with additional fluid in an effort to ‘wash out’ the infection. But that extra fluid finds no room to expand within that confine, as a result of which pressure builds up within the inner ear. The pressure thus created then starts to harass the surrounding bones, cartilages, etc and when failing to do so, starts affecting the nerve endings when all hell breaks lose. As soon as the acoustics nerves are affected, they start sending erratic impulses to the brain and the brain in turn keeps on transmitting ghoulish sound waves to the ear, thus giving birth to tinnitus. The effect of the fluid pressure on the vestibular nerves makes them go haywire too. The abnormal pressure on the nerves totally upsets the balancing mechanism, giving rise to giddiness, vertigo and related problems.

If there is any lesson that can be learnt from this, it consists of the fact that there is practically neither any preventive measure nor any cure for vestibular disorder with tinnitus, except tuning up the body’s immune system. As for the body’s inflammatory response system, none has the ability to re-train it. The one and only answer to the problem lies in taking a holistic approach towards controlling the disease for which a brief guideline is given below.

Holistic guidelines to keep away from Vestibular Disorder with Tinnitus

Tinnitus treatment.Cut down the consumption of meat or meat-based food items like ham, sausage, bacon, liver, etc.
Give up alcohol or alcohol-based beverages.
Consume fruits and vegetables in sufficient quantity.Tinnitus treatment. Also good are organic food, food that are rich in vitamins.
Start yoga and Vedic exercises including deep breathing
Give up smoking altogether. This includes cigarette smoking or pipe smoking, no matter how much nicotine they are supposed to filter out.
Do not indulge in using medicated nasal sprays or ear drops.
Do not go for antibiotics or ototoxic medications unless an infection turns septic and that too only according the guidance of known medical practitioner.
Lead simple, uncomplicated life and arrange to have adequate sleep. Tinnitus treatment.
Discontinue all medications save and except those that are essential for any special type of disease condition that requires all-time consumption.
Change lifestyle, if necessary; remain healthy for the rest of your life.

Note: Contrary to conventional modes of tinnitus treatment that treats the symptom instead of the disease, holistic treatments treat the body considering it as a whole entity. Its aim is to identify the root cause of the disease and then specify the remedy which may consist of a change in diet, change of habits, change of profession and change in lifestyle. Tinnitus treatment.Pursued rigorously, it sure would provide freedom from vestibular disorder with tinnitus for good.

Tinnitus treatment - Tinnitus home remedies

Sad to say, but the fact remains that there is no sure fire cure for that undeviating ringing in the ears –the agonizing ailment that affects a great majority of Americans and is commonly known as tinnitus. However, the TV and the added media wouldn’t hear of it. They believe in beating the drums of sundry pharmaceutical agents, provoking the sufferer to go for OTC medications which alas have more harmful side-effects than any real relief. Frustrated sufferers who have heard of herbal remedies often seek respite from gingko bilboa or black cohosh, both said to improve blood circulation in the upper torso and thus provide relief. But these too can never cure the disorder, merely providing marginal relief. Since homeopathy has currently reappeared as one of the most effective alternate mode of tinnitus treatment for many, tinnitus patients often rush for it in the hope of gaining genuine relief and when that fails too, the only way that is left is the good old home remedy to bank upon.

The trouble with over-the-counter medications, as earlier said, concerns its side effects that often prove disastrous in most cases. These include head reeling, nausea, acute constipation, exhaustion, vertigo, loss of control and may also lead to that unenviable corporeal vulnerability called the Irregular Bowel Syndrome. So far as other alternative tinnitus treatment courses are concerned that include hypnosis and hyperbaric oxygen therapy, acupuncture or magnet therapy, the last word is frequently denoted by a zilch.

Nevertheless, the home remedy for tinnitus could prove effective only if the causes could match its parameters. And for doing this one has to figure out what mostly causes tinnitus. The causative factors, nevertheless, could be a single issue or multiple trigger factors that give rise to tinnitus. For better understanding of the subject, a list of some of the significant factors is given below.

· Consistent exposure to earsplitting noise occurring at missile test firing grounds, steel stamping or forging units, high power rifle shooting ranges or metal fabrication workshops frequently end up with tinnitus in single or both ears.Tinnitus treatment Listening to high volume rock music for days on end has also caused tinnitus to many.

· Inadequate blood supply in the upper torso on account of narrowing of blood vessels in that region due to cholesterol can also trigger tinnitus in people suffering from high blood. One of the most distinctive examples of this type of listening problem relates to pulsatile tinnitus where the patient can hear his/her own heartbeat.

· Even certain types of food and drink like the grain-based alcohols, red wine, chocolates and cheeses can trigger tinnitus in many people who would never have suspected that unholy link between those innocuous consumables and tinnitus.

· Some types of jawbone joint problems, especially Temporomandibular Jaw Joint problem, it has lately been found, can cause tinnitus in many patients.

· Prolonged use of NSAIDs, cancer resisting therapies and some of the loop diuretics are known causes of tinnitus.

· Tumors, non-cancerous growths or allergies near to the ears or occurring in principal blood vessels carrying blood to the head or neck region can trigger tinnitus in people who are susceptible to such conditions.

· Tinnitus related hearing loss.

· Microscopic ending damages that may happen to the nerves that is responsible for hearing.

· When the bones in the middle portion of the ear hardens.

· Middle ear infection that causes filling up of the space with fluid or discharge and even too much of ear wax buildup causes tinnitus in many cases.

Even though some Tinnitus Home Remedies are supposed to provide enduring relief to this distressing disorder, most sadly enough are nothing but voodoos. Yet for the sake of identification, some of these are listed below.Tinnitus treatment. These include:-

· Much hyped gingko bilboa that is known to have that special trait to help rush blood and thus encourage better circulation in the head and neck region, lack of which triggers tinnitus is believed to provide relief to the disease condition in a more positive way.

· Bayberry bark, burdock root, hawthorn leaf, goldenseal and myrrh gum are some of the best known relief providers for tinnitus patients.

· Freshly cut pineapple rings that are believed to have inflammation reducing properties are thought to perk up the blood circulation in the head and neck region, thus relieving tinnitus symptoms.

· Coenzyme Q 10, taken at the rate of 300 mg per day can also improve the upper torso blood circulation by raising the immune system significantly which in turn would provide relief to tinnitus.

· A teaspoon of common salt mixed with the same quantity of glycerin and sprayed into the nose and throat is supposed to give respite to tinnitus suffers who are probably considered blessed or lucky.

· Raw garlic taken daily can also offer respite from tinnitus.

Tinnitus Home remedies, can work effectively only when they function as a component of Holistic Remedies meant for curing tinnitus for good

No matter how much freshly cut pineapple rings one may consume or take concoctions of gingko or black cohosh on a daily or monthly basis, there will never arise any appreciable relief to tinnitus for the simple reason that none of these address the disease condition in any form whatsoever. What these actually do is to deaden the symptoms for a short while and as soon as the provisional therapy is withdrawn, quick marches the symptoms. Holistic remedies, on the other hand, treat the body as a whole, seldom bothering with the symptoms. Symptoms are mere manifestation of the disease condition and when this is permanently alienated from the body, symptoms die a natural death. Holistic remedies, as a matter of fact, go much below the surface in order to identify the root causes that have created the disorder and then specify the appropriate range of medications that may include change of food habits and if necessary, change of lifestyle, acupuncture, acupressure and aerobics. But one may do well to bear in mind that home remedies, whether herbal or otherwise will only work when they form a part of holistic remedies – seldom on their own.